Spiritual Entropy
Life-Changing Insights Revealed by a Unique Natural Law
An unusual interplay of insights from both science and Christian theology. By analogy Wedekind extends the broad scientific implications of the second law of thermodynamics to ethical, social, and spiritual dimensions of life. This is a fine contribution both in content and as a model for seeking complementary perspectives in nature and grace.

Gordon J. Van Wylen,
President Emeritus
Hope College

A gentle, whimsical, reasoning kind of book that can take the reader from hell to heaven. Who would have guessed that the second law of thermodynamics could be so interesting and such a revelation!

Terry Morrison, Ph.D.,
Director, Faculty Ministries
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Spiritual Entropy is the kind of book that is beneficial to both the spiritually mature as well as new seekers of spiritual truth. The book does a wonderful job of showing in everyday terms how a powerful natural law (the second law of thermodynamics) is relative to our daily spiritual lives and can assist us as we explore other significant daily life questions.

Geary Maiuri,
Dean, Community and Student Enrichment
Macomb Community College