Spiritual Entropy
Life-Changing Insights Revealed by a Unique Natural Law
"Entropy" is a word scientists use to describe the observed influences of an obscure-sounding natural law called the "second law of thermodynamics"—more popularly the "entropy law." Far from being obscure, however, this unique law has an extensive impact on our lives.

Spiritual Entropy begins by explaining, using common everyday experiences, the concept of entropy and its pervasive influences. But while other books have considered particular aspects of entropy, none has extended its concepts and developed its implications as this book has. It goes after answers to some of the ultimate questions of our existence. In addition to the physical, it explores what entropy may be able to reveal to us about the social, the moral, and the spiritual. It dares to ask, what can entropy tell us about God?

Here are a few other intriguing questions this book explores:
  • What does entropy have to contribute to the controversial debate about origins and "intelligent design"?
  • How can an individual overcome "ethical entropy" in his or her own life?
  • How does entropy correspond with the teachings of the world’s religious scriptures, particularly the Bible?

      Will you join in the exploration?